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Easier Cleanup for Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Healthcare professionals must keep their hands clean at all times - frequent washing means dry, cracked, and irritated skin.  Glove Cote 720 is your answer to healthy skin. Glove Cote 720 helps your skin by enhancing your skins own natural protective layer which keeps irritants from reaching your skin and contains moisturizers and emollients to keep it soft and hydrated. Since Glove Cote 720 is water resistant, it can keep your natural oils from being completely washed away every time you wash your hands.

Latex, leather, rubber, neoprene and vinyl gloves

Protective gloves can pose their own set of problems. Skin can become water-logged and more susceptible to bacteria. Glove Cote 720 doesn’t allow perspiration to re-penetrate the skin. It can also help keep out materials that make up the gloves such as latex and the many related materials and chemicals found in latex gloves. Glove Cote 720 also helps keep out rubber, vinyl, neoprene, and leather that can be the physical cause of irritation by actively helping prevent contact dermatitis from long exposure to these materials. Glove Cote 720 is especially formulated to be water resistant and works best against water based materials. MAN-O is a heavier based cream which is solvent resistant and designed for the toughest grime and irritants.

Glove Cote 720 Protection For Doctors, Nurses, Care Givers, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Veterinarians, EMT and Fire Rescue Workers

  • Protection from glove sensitivity
  • Effective against odors and other unwanted materials
  • Protects from the drying effects of frequent washings and alcohol based sterilization products

Glove Coat 720 Protection for Patients

Dry Skin

Patients with excessively dry skin, especially diabetics and heart patients, can benefit from the protective qualities of Glove Cote 720 and it's rich moisturizers.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

People who suffer from OCD, especially those prone to frequent hand washing and rubbing, can use Glove Cote 720 to greatly diminish the problems associated with this condition including dehydration and raw, red, irritated sore skin.


Glove Cote 720 is formulated to be water resistant and is available in 6.0 oz squeeze bottles.



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