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Sportsman / Outdoors

Hunters, marksman, fisherman or any outdoor sportsman will benefit from our products.


Gun Glove provides tough protection that repels cleaning solvents, black powder residue, and firing discharge. Its special formula is not harmful to firearms while providing superior hand protection against these substances. Clean up is quick and easy and odor is completely eliminated.


Protection from slime and fish scales

Fisherman’s Glove helps repel the slime and scales found on the surface of most fish. The slime and its associated odor are more easily washed away from skin treated with Fisherman’s Glove. Skin treated with Fisherman’s Glove also becomes less prone to adhering to the slime that protects the fish and won’t harm that vital layer.

Protection from moisture

Fisherman’s Glove helps repel water from saturating the skin and eventually causing breakdown. Whether the fisherman’s hands are constantly in the water or he is wearing wet shoes or waders, the skin not only breaks down but also becomes more susceptible to bacteria and germs which can easily penetrate the soaked skin.

Protection from Boots and Gloves

Fisherman’s Glove helps prevent chafing commonly found from wearing boots, neoprene waders, and some fishing gloves. The skin naturally has a lubricating and protective barrier that is easily absorbed or knocked off by today's high-tech fabrics and materials. Fisherman’s Glove augments our natural skin barrier and will not allow any irritants to further aggravate the area.



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