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“Your product is by far the best one I have found. ”
I work in the toolroom of a plastics company.  We do maintenance and repairs on plastic injection molds.  Almost 2 years ago I got a severe case of contact dermatitus on both hands from the water based coolant we used on one of our water grinder machine tools. I did the doctor thing and had short bouts of relief from the severe redness, itching, and cracks in the skin of both hands.
I am thankful I found your product on the internet and have had major relief to my symtoms.
Thanks. I will continue to order and never be out of it as long as I work in the factory.
Dave Gieseke

“I am so amazed at the results I’ve had since using Man-O and Glove Cote. I won’t go a day without them now.”
I am a retired accountant living on a small farm in Idaho. Married to a contractor. I am so amazed at the results I’ve had since using Man-O and Glove Cote. I won’t go a day without them now.

I was over exposed to fiberglass, asbestos and who knows what other types of ‘crud’ in various ways. This resulted in 15 years of steadily more and more skin problems as well as other health problems including TMJ, arthritis & fibromyalgia. Doctors would barely pay attention much less help.

After figuring out what the cause was and that a great deal of swelling in my skin was causing the other problems, I discovered emu oil helped and eased the pain and inflammation but didn’t stop more impurities from getting into my skin. I began seeking skin shields and trying all I could find from those at the supermarket with dimethicone to others on the net promising protection. I continued to try new and different products until I found the Man-O and Glove Cote. I don’t even try anything else now.

I placed an order and was extremely pleased with not only the speed of delivery and prices but also the amazing personal service from Whisk Products, Inc.. He called to ensure I had selected the proper product and included some samples of others for me to try. Steve continues to give the same great service and we’ve become “net’ friends of a sorts.

Now for the products themselves: what a relief and change I have had since using them. I have found that putting a coating of Man-O on my feet prior to putting on my shoes and socks has resulted in all the burning calluses, corns and swelling in my feet going away! I have given some to my daughter who has had feet problems since she was a child and she has had the same results. She recently asked me where to get it and placed an order.

Putting the Glove Cote on daily has stopped the impurities from entering my skin and helped to pull any already there out. My hands and wrists were the worst with sores and swelling constantly. After using the Man-O on my hands at night and the Glove Cote several times a day on my arms and hands, they are nearly healed. I have no doubt continued use of both products will end this misery entirely.

After seeing how it helped my hands, arms and feet, I began using it on my entire body with much the same results. I also still use the emu oil and find the two together to be great. I just put a bit of emu oil on first, then a good coat of Glove Cote and go about my day. My skin just continues to improve. My friends say I look like a different person. My dentist of 20+ years says I look like I’ve had a face lift! The swelling and redness is nearly gone. Since using both on my face, my TMJ has subsided and I am no longer having steroid shots in my jaws once every year. The fibromyalgia has been slower to go away but I feel a bit better every day, a huge improvement over feeling worse every day.

If people realized what misery the impurities in our skin can do to our bodies and did something about it, they would feel better. Using Man-O products to keep the pollution out works!

I took a tub of Man-O to an elderly lady I know who has had terrible problems with her feet. After 3 days she was feeling relief! She said her feet felt better than they had in 20 years! I still buy her a tub when she is out.

I also have purchased and used the Cherry Stone. I especially like the Cherry Stone for the barn and stalls and it has such a nice smell.

After some time, my husband began using the Glove Cote for his hands and feet with the same results. He is a contractor and has been around contaminants all his life. Using these products is improving his skin a great deal. I have even used the Man-O on my dog’s feet and on my horse for dry patchy skin and it never fails to help.

Although the fiberglass insulation that caused the overload is now covered, I continue to be very sensitive to pollutants and VOC’s in our environment. Using these products is the only thing that I’ve found effective.

Thank you all so much for your products and the very personal service. I will continue to recommend these products to everyone I know.
Lynn Gramkow — Farmer, Idaho


MAN-O Provides Relief from Chronic Dermatitis
We have one employee who suffered from contact dermatitis and couldn't wear any type of glove (latex, nitrile, or othewise) - but works in our teardown shop and her hands were constantly covered with crude oil. She agreed to test the samples and was ecstatic over the results. I only wish I had taken photos of her hands before and after. Her hands were horribly scaly and cracked. I reckon the crude oil was causing her dermatitis, but sweating inside the gloves didn't give her hands a chance to heal, so she couldn't wear them either - creating a vicious cycle. Even steroidal creams didn't help, since they aren't barrier creams and only treat the symptoms, not the cause. She can finally wear nitrile gloves now that her hands are healing, but had been after me to place an order for continued use. Thanks for checking back with me to get an order placed.
Oland Whitecotton — Centrilift


“Without Fisherman’s Glove my wife would give me hard time.”
I have to thanks Diversified Products for offering Fisherman’s Glove. Without Fisherman’s Glove my wife would give me hard time. But now I can sneak a fishing trip in without smelling like a fish before I go home. Additionally if you fish in Salt Water Like I do about 200+ days a year you notice your hands become dry. With Fisherman’s glove it helps prevents my hands from drying up. Also, if you hunt you need try Gun Coat! Not only does it help against gun powder, it also helps keep your hand cleaner after cleaning out wild game such as deer or birds.
Javier Balderas — Professional Bass Fisherman, Redfish Cup Tour


“I put Gun Glove to the test.”
I put Gun Glove to the test at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot this year. I loaded mags and belts with and fired thousands of rounds of factory, surplus and hand loaded ammo. Clean up was easy and there was a certain peace of mind knowing that my hands were protected from solvents, residue and lead.
Rob Walker — Shotgun News


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
I just have to take a minute to let you know what a great contribution your products are to our work groups. I have been a safety professional at a major oil refinery for 20 years, and have been searching for the preventative measures your product line offers. Not only do your products offer a first line defense against the harsh environment of chemicals, solvents, and every day dirt and grime, the make clean up for our employees so much easier and time efficient.

It is seldom that we can say we actually leave the job healthier and cleaner than when we came, but with Mano-Products, that is a reality. Not only do your products protect, they make our hands feel and smell better, and we find that minor nicks and abrasions heal quicker when Mano or Glove Cote has been applied.

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That has never been truer than with your products. Keep up the great work.
Eric E. Bertolet OHST, COSS — Safe Nation


O.S.H.A. Approves.”
The Boonville Division of Ethan Allen stain wipers were mandated by O.S.H.A. to wear long sleeves during their work shift. Ethan Allen presented O.S.H.A. with Glove Cote's protective claims and was given a waiver from having to wear the long sleeves. The stain wipers are very happy with this product. They apply it three times a day and it protects their skin fully from excess stain. The Finishing Department is warm year round, but extremely so in the summer time. Glove Cote has been a blessing for them!!! We thank MAN-O for creating this product.
Finishing Room Stainers and Supervisors — The Boonville Division of Ethan Allen


“None have even come close to MAN-O.”
I have been employed as a mould repairman in the glass container industry for about 35 years. During this time my employer has supplied us with your product most of the time. On a few occasions they have gotten other product but none have even come close to MAN-O. The supervisor that we now have for some reason or another has thus far not purchased any of your product even after numerous requests by myself and some of my coworker's. We would like to know if you have a distributor in the Atlanta area where we could get MAN-O ourselves and if not could we purchase it straight from you. If so what would be the minimum purchase and what would the cost per unit be? I will be looking forward to hearing from you as we are completely out and are very desperate.
Thomas Miller — Anchor Hocking Glass


“I've had paint on my hands as a more or less permanent fixture since 1971.”
I'm writing to thank you for the development of your revolutionary products, MAN-O and Glove Cote 720. I've had paint on my hands as a more or less permanent fixture since 1971 . I'm a sign maker. Sign paint is made with high pigment concentration. It's extremely durable. This is great for signs but hell on hands. Over the years, I have tried various solutions to clean my hands, including latex gloves. I even went to a palm reader for advise, but she could not find my palms. I gave up and decided to live with dirty hands.

Just two months ago, someone advised me to coat my hands with MAN-O Protective Skin Cream before getting paint on myself Wow! I was amazed and delighted. Even on the areas around my fingernails and cuticles, the paints and lacquers break loose and wash away with soap and water. I almost look like a white collar kind of guy, except for the paint on my collar. Do you have anything for that?
Harvey Dean — Sign Maker


“My employees work daily with powdered metals and graphite.”
During our recent telephone conversation, you asked if we had any suggestions to improve your product. Everyone at Quality Carbide Metals, including myself, has been using MAN-O Protective Skin Cream for 15 years. On a regular basis we have purchased and tested other products, but we have not found a comparable protective cream. My employees work daily with powdered metals and graphite. This dry machining is extremely dirty and hard on the skin, even causing topical skin rashes. However, we have not had a single problem since we started using your product. Thank you for maintaining a product with such high quality standards.
Oscar C. Saad, President — Quality Carbide Metals, Inc.


“MAN-O by far is the best product we have.”
We are an industrial distributor and stock three (3) kinds of barrier skin creams. MAN-O by far is the best product we have. MAN-O was the last of these products that we picked up, but now accounts for 95% of our barrier hand cream sales. We have customers in the carbon, powdered metal, printing and wood finishing industries. Some customers include:
• SGL Carbon
• Carbon/Graphite Group
• Pure Carbon
• St. Marys Carbon
• Pyron Metal Powders
• Alpha Sintered Metals
• Osram Sylvania (Specialty Glass)
• Allegheny Store Fixtures
Luke Herzing — Industrial Distributor


“By carefully coating my hands with "MAN-O" at work and at home, I am presently enjoying extended relief from eczema.”
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Judge J. Vincent Aug, Jr. and you for providing me with your product "MAN-O". As my husband Glenn has made you aware, I have now been suffering from a severe case of eczema for nearly five years. The lesions and associated discharge of serious matter, along with the scaly redness and dryness of skin, have haunted me on a daily basis during this period of time. I have been to several dermatologists seeking relief, including the departmental chair of dermatology at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Charles L. Heaton. I have used a multitude of medications, examples of which include Diprolene AF DRM 0.5K, Trisoraln 0.33Mg/Ml ETOP and Xoxsoralen Lot-Aquapphil. We have also made a fairly substantial financial outlay for a PUVA machine, which uses ultraviolet radiation to treat my hands and feet at home on a daily basis.

The physicians, medications and equipment cited above have helped me in my efforts to fight my chronic eczema. However, I must admit that I am quite excited about the recent success I have experienced by using your product "MAN-O" in conjunction with these materials. By carefully coating my hands with "MAN-O" at work and at home, I am presently enjoying extended relief from eczema. From what Dr. Heaton's tests have revealed, along with others, I am allergic to a large variety of materials (e.g. household detergents, latex, cat hair, dust, iodine, penicillin, aspirin, etc.). Apparently, use of your product protects my skin (and knee) from direct contact with many of these materials and allergens. In addition, a creamy substance or moisturizing ingredient must be in "MAN-O" as well, since my hands and knee are much less dry after coating them with your product.

From what I understand, "MAN-O" is presently used in industrial and gun related environments to protect individuals from the many hazardous materials that they rnay contact on a daily basis. However, I am convinced it will also prove very beneficial to dermatologists in their efforts to provide relief for their patients with skin-related ailments. And it is for this very relief that I express my sincere thanks.
W. Jane Brown


“I have required my students to use MAN-O for six or more years in my painting and printmaking classes.”
I love MAN-O!! I have required my students to use MAN-O for six or more years in my painting and printmaking classes to protect them from the toxic chemicals we use. I have also kept MAN-O stocked in the bookstore. I especially like MAN-O because it feels greaseless and light on my hands, and it keeps them from looking stained and dirty from ink and paint. It cleans up so easily with water, and MAN-O even cleared up the solvent rash on my thumb. Some of the students even say it makes their nails grow stronger. My only complaint is the decidedly un PC name. How about Woman-O? Or Kid-O? W-OMan?
Andrea Knar — Director of Printmaking, Northern Kentucky University

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